A rare Giant squid found today


A giant squid that was spotted off the coast of Australia during a recent tuna fishing expedition turned into one gigantic find for a fishing expert. The squid was found dead, but finding it off the coast at Jervis Bay, proves that giant squid do exist in that part of the world.
 Al McGlashan, the author of The Fishing Bible, was the man who stumbled upon this interesting find. McGlashan, who is also a fishing writer with the Daily Telegraph, is ecstatic as this is the first time he’s seen this brightly colored creature  up-close, according to the 702 ABC Radio in Sydney.Finding the squid carcass intact is a rare find, but finding a squid still containing its bright hue of orange coloration is even rarer, according to Grind TV.com. McGlashan said, “In all my time on the water—and I’ve spent 200-plus days out there—I’ve never seen anything like it."
The squid looks like something out of a Jules Vern tale, stretching 13 feet and offering up the most gigantic calamari rings that McGlashan has ever seen. These giant squid are so rare that it’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime event for anyone who happens upon this sea creature.Giant squid can measure up to 50 feet in length but the one McGlashan and his crew found was about 13 feet in length. The squid was missing portions of its long tentacles, possibly from a fight with a sperm whale, a known predator of the giant squid.
It is not known how this squid met its demise because it was too big for McGlashan to get into the boat to perform an autopsy on the creature-ABC Radio


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