Pippa Middleton Steps Out for First Time Since Gungate Incident

The Duchess of Cambridge's sister didn't seem to be in a chipper mood when she was spotted in Central London going to the Rosano Ferreti Hair Spa, and we think we know why the 28-year-old was not being her smiley self.

This was the first time we've seen Pippa since she reportedly went into hiding at her family home after being in the middle of a tabloid-crazy gun scandal.Photographers got a picture of Kate Middleton's sis riding shotgun in a covertible in Paris, and one of the fellows she was with pointed a gun to the paparazzi. Don't worry, it was a fake gun, but it still got Pippa in some really hot water
Back to the discussion at hand. Although a smirk would brighten up her look, Middleton still looked fabulous in a color-block blouse and fitted jeans. We're hopeful that we'll see those pearly whites again soon.


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