Poonam Pandey charges Rs 1cr for the film

Bollywood's latest entrant Poonam Pandey is all set to set the screen on fire with her debut film.

What's really interesting is that the director of the film, already has a bold film to his credit (Jism). And with Poonam as the lead actor for his latest Bollywood venture, the strip queen claims that the sky is the limit as far as boldness goes.

After rejecting 30 film offers, Poonam claims to have finally signed one - only to pit it against the release of actor Sunny Leone's Jism 2 this December.

The model-turned-actor is so sure of her film's success that she is unperturbed that it clashes with Sunny's flick. "I am neither competing with her nor sharing my audience. She is good at what she does and I am excellent at my job. It is a conscious decision to release our film with Jism 2. I know everyone is going to love my film," says the leggy lass.

Poonam has charged Rs 1cr for this 'bold film'. National marketing head Aditya Bhatia of Eagle Home Entertainment says, "We have full faith in Poonam and are therefore riding so much money on her. We have paid her a crore and the budget of the film is around Rs 7-8cr. Amit Saxena, who directed Jism, is directing our film."

He's not scared of the clash either. "It will be a clash of the Titans, and will make big noise. And as content is the king, we are sure about our product's success," he adds.

Jism 2 producer-director Pooja Bhatt was unaware about any such clash until we told her about it. "I'm not aware of the (Poonam Pandey) film. But I wish them all the best! It's a free world and people are free to release their films as and when they deem fit! "


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