Clash between Kosovo Serbs and NATO forces,injured 6

Clash in northern Kosovo between Serbs and NATO troops in the Kosovo Force (KFOR) at least injured six .Four of them are Surbs and other two from KFOR.It's happened when KFOR took attemp to clear road blocks.

NATO troops in the Kosovo Force (KFOR) fired tear gas and small arms and some protesters fired back with handguns.The troops, in armored personnel carriers, were confronted by hundreds of Serbs who pelted them with stones near barricades in the villages of Rudare and Dudin Krs outside the town of Zvecan in a Serb-dominated northern area of Kosovo.

The roadblocks are among the last on major roads yet to be dismantled by KFOR. They were erected as part of a long-running Serb campaign to prevent the government of Albanian-majority independent Kosovo from imposing its rule in the area.

Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, is 90 percent ethnic Albanian. But Serbs opposed to independence dominate in a small swathe of the north bordering Serbia which continues to function as part of the Serbian state, resisting efforts by the Kosovo government to extend its authority.


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