Obama congratulates queen on Diamond Jubilee

President Obama is saluting Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60th year on the British throne.
"Your majesty, on the historic occasion of your Jubilee, Michelle and I send you and all the British people and members of the Commonwealth the heartfelt congratulations of the American people,"Obama said in a video released by the White House today.

Obama added:
    "In war and in peace, in times of plenty and in times of hardship, the United States and the United Kingdom have shared a special relationship. ... And while many presidents and prime ministers have come and gone, your majesty's reign has endured. As I said last year at Buckingham Palace, that makes your majesty both a living witness to the power of our alliance and a chief source of its resilience.
    As a steadfast ally, loyal friend and tireless leader, your majesty has set an example of resolve that will be long celebrated. And as we work together to build a better future for the next generation, it is gratifying to know that the bonds between our nations remain indispensable to our two countries and the world.
    In honor of your 60 extraordinary years on the throne, communities across the commonwealth have lit thousands of Jubilee beacons. May the light of your majesty's crown reign supreme for many years to come."


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