Terrorist bomb attack kills 11 in Pakistan

At least 11 people have been killed and 30 people injured in a fatal bomb attack on bus in north-west city of Peshawar in pakistan.The local police said that the bus was carrying government employee.

It's happened when the vehicle taking the workers to their office in the morning.Witnessess said that the explosion seemed to hit the back of the bus,which was moving at a speed and drove on for some distance after the blast.

Police say the bus was carrying employees from Peshawar to Charsadda and that it appeared to be the target of the attack.

The explosion took place near a police station on a main road in the Gul Bela village area, on the northern outskirts of Peshawar.

The dead and injured were rushed to hospitals in Peshawar. The dead are thought to include at least four children and some women.

Peshawar lies near Pakistan's lawless tribal belt - a stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.

Hundreds have died in attacks in and around the city in recent years.


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