Inside collector's amazing menagerie of two-headed animals

The six-legged bearded dragon is the latest addition to a family of two-headed animals owned by Grammy award-winner Todd Ray.
The former music producer to heavyweights like Mick Jagger and the Beastie Boys is now owner of the world's largest collection of double-headed animals.
As the Huffington Post reports, Ray's exotic collection already includes a two-headed bearded dragon named Pancho and Lefty that will turn two in May. 
But Ray, who features his animals in the Venice Beach Freakshow on the famous California boardwalk, couldn't pass up the chance to add to his collection.
Jeckyl and Hyde, named after characters in Robert Louis Stevenson's novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, were born in San Diego about five months ago, he said.
And despite appearances, the two heads do not appear to be like-minded.
'Hyde is actually a parasitic twin. He comes out of Jeckyl's side and his movement is restricted from the chest up,' Ray said, adding that Jeckyl does the eating, while Hyde seems to only drink water.
Ray has 22 living two-headed animals in his collection, many with names as unique as their looks.
There is Laverne and Shirley, the two-headed kingsnake, Lenny and Squiggy the albino hognosed snake and Cheech and Chong, the tortoise.
He also owns a two-headed goat, a two-headed terrapin and the world’s only living three-headed creature: a turtle named Myrtle, Squirtle, and Thirdle.


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