Schi the traditional Russian soup

The most traditional Russian soup, dating back to pre-Christian times, is still popular in any part of the country.


 Parsnip root (where available)
 Parsley root
 Celery root
 1 Turnip
 Pickled cabbage – a pound and half
 4-5 midsize pickled tomatoes
 Dill, parsley, bay leaf, garlic


Take a thick-bottomed and thick-walled pot, chop all the roots (carrot, celery, turnip, parsnip) into small cubes and add them.
Rinse the pickled cabbage and add it to the pot, smash the tomatoes with a fork and add also. Then pour a cup of hot water and let it cook on a very, very slow burn for about an hour.
Then simply add hot water if you want a vegetarian dish, or pour precooked beef broth. Add spices, half a teaspoon of sugar, and let it cook for some 20 minutes. Be careful with salt, since the cabbage is supposedly quite salty when pickled.


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