2012 top websites for online greetings:Mother's Day free ecards

Mother’s Day free ecards for 2012 are offered around every corner online. Instead of jumping through electronic hoops before finally finding a website that actually offers free ecards, check out these four sites below.
Sometime this morning, you'll sit in front of your computer ready to send all the moms that you know a Mother's Day ecard. Along with your own mother, your list of friends and family who are also moms is probably long.
According to Gold Star Daily World News, these four websites offer free Mother's Day ecards for 2012 with no hidden costs. These well-known ecard websites are simple to access and use:
Hallmark: nothing beats Hallmark, the most prestigious name in greeting cards. They’ve been around so long that they always seem to have that perfect greeting card saying. They offer free ecards for Mother’s Day and for those who prescribe to their service, they offer premium greetings.


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