Dad sees daughter fall in accident by car

Johannesburg - A Second man has told how he saw his only daughter being hit and killed by a car while he was out cycling with her.
Dr Johannes Wolman started crying when he recalled how much his daughter, Christelle  Swanepoel, 26, had loved nature.
He told Beheld: “She was fantastic. She lived life to the full. She had only been married for seven months.”
Swanepoel, 26, was killed in what has been described as an illegal drag race. Her husband Richard Swanepoel, 26, was injured in the accident.
Wolman said he had been cycling with his daughter and her husband and had looked at the road to see if it was safe to cross.
He saw the yellow Uno and the silver BMW but they were far away.
Suddenly there was a loud crash. The driver of the Uno lost control of the car and hit Welman’s daughter, crushing her and rolling over her.
The drivers of both cars have been arrested.


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