Finally, a film for Poonam Pandey

After a series of claims and denials over the last couple of weeks, Poonam Pandey's Bollywood debut seems to be finally happening. Although director Amit Saxena declined to divulge details about her role in the film, he conceded that it would be in keeping with her image.

"Given her image, no doubt Poonam will add value to the film," he said, quickly adding that there's a lot more to the story than the sex siren's part.

Interestingly, Poonam Pandey is the only one from the cast signed on as of now, and the director assures that the rest of the actors will be finalised shortly. On why he earlier denied the fact that he had signed Poonam Pandey for his next, Amit Saxena clarified that it was too premature to talk about the project back then.

"I had just met the producers twice and they didn't want the film to be talked about until things were final. I was also surprised and angry to read about it earlier. But now that it is on and Poonam has been confirmed, I'm talking," he explained. There have also been rumours about the alleged competition with Pooja Bhatt's next, which is the sequel of Jism with adult star Sunny Leone.

"Pooja is making her film, I'm making mine. I don't think there should be any comparison between Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey. If it's because of their respective images, it's another issue. All this talk of competition and comparison is being fictitiously created," he said.


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