13 Most-Active Team of USA Olympians to Follow on Twitter

Hundreds of Olympic athletes will be tweeting their experiences this week, over 300 for Team USA alone. So if you want to keep up with American Olympians on Twitter as the games progress, who do you follow? If you’re like us, you’re reluctant to follow hundreds of accounts, but sorting through that list for quality tweeters is not as simple as following the most popular athletes, as quite often the most popular of athletes update with the least frequency.
That’s why we’re presenting a list of 13 Olympians who have tweeted over 13,000 times, after scouring through Team U.S.A.’s official Twitter list of 2012 athletes to find you best in athletic over-achievers that also happen to be over-tweeters. Following these 13 active tweeters as they navigate the 30th Olympiad will make you feel like you’re in their shoes, living the dream at the Olympic games.
Bianca Knight: @MidKnightDreams: Representing Team USA Track & Field, Bianca Knight has tweeted more than any other Olympian competing this year, at 51,584 all time tweets. To tweet at that volume, one must assume her fingers are as fast as her legs.
Marcus Browne: @Marcus_Browne The Team USA Boxing qualifier tweets a whole lot, at 37,669 total. Yet for all of his documented life events, only 2,241 followers have found him. That’s a low return for so many tweets! Give him a follow.
Kendrick Farris: @KendrickJFarris Going by the name OLYmpic Tweeter on Twitter, Kendrick Farris seems self aware that he tweets more than the average Olympian. At 26,826 tweets since he started his Twitter account, Kendrick is representing team Twitter almost as much as he represents Team USA Weightlifting.
Kellie Wells: @kelliewellz Our second representative from the USA Track and Field team, Kellie Wells has 20,926 tweets on record. Kellie’s socialized quest to win gold is full of… gold, featuring plenty of photos and quotables.
Kevin Durant: @KDTrey5 At 2.5 million followers, Kevin Durant is easily the most followed person on this list. Durant does not keep his fans short on content, tweeting over 20,700 times in his career. Of course, his fan count is not entirely from representing Team USA Basketball, the three-time NBA scoring champion is currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Rounding out the list:
Brittney Reese: @DaLJBeast For TEAM USA TRACK AND FIELD (LONG JUMP) with 20,646 tweets .
Tony McQuay: @McQuay_Runs For TEAM USA TRACK AND FIELD with 17,652 tweets.
Swin Cash: @SwinCash For TEAM USA BASKETBALL with 17,128 tweets.
Candace Parker: @Candace_Parker For TEAM USA BASKETBALL with 15,680 tweets
Sanya Richards Ross: @SanyaRichiRoss For TEAM USA TRACK AND FIELD (400M) with 14,800 tweets.
Jason Richardson: @JaiRich For TEAM USA TRACK AND FIELD (HURDLES) with 14,612 tweets.
T’erea Brown: @TereaBrown For TEAM USA TRACK AND FIELD (HURDLES) with 13,885 tweets.
Jamel Herring: @JamelHerring For TEAM USA BOXING with 13,035 tweets.
Following this crowd of athletes should put you right in the front row for Olympic action as it happens in London. These Olympians are highly engaged, so you might want to try asking them your questions about the games, as chances are high that they’ll reply! Until then, we’ll just hope these Olympic hopefuls don’t become too distracted with Twitter, they’ve got gold to bring home.


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