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We’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating: new iPhone rumors are coming out daily. While we’re focused on bringing you all of these rumors plus full analysis on a daily basis, we understand that it may be a little tough to keep up with what’s going on in iPhone 5 world. As such, we’ve made the decision to make staying on top of the latest iPhone 5 news that much easier.
In this article you’ll find a summary of all of the latest iPhone rumors. We plan to update it frequently, as well as continue our daily news articles. Although this article is fairly long and detailed, you’ll find that reading it will keep you up to date on the absolute latest iPhone news.

iPhone 5 Release Date Information

Arguably this is the most asked question next to the specs of the device: just when will the iPhone 5 be coming out? And like most questions, the answer isn’t exactly set in stone at this point. We’ve been hearing differing opinions on the iPhone 5 release date for months now, as you’ll see in the next few paragraphs.
Way back in February 2012, we got our hands on reported World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012 leaked images. These images were discovered by a source and given to us. We’re not going to get into the features that these images revealed (more on that later),  but the most important thing to mention about these images is that they show an apparent June 2012 release date for the iPhone 5, given Apple’s past preference to release the new iPhone shortly following WWDC.
Then a short time later, a Japanese blog reported that the new iPhone would be released in Fall 2012–likely September or October. They claimed that this was confirmed by a very reliable source. We’re still not entirely sure that this Japanese blog is credible; however, their opinion has been backed up by other sources.
In April/May 2012, we reported a lot on the potential iPhone 5 release date. Two analysts were quoted as saying that the next iPhone would come out in either September or October; two experts also mentioned a Fall release date.
However, there are still those who think a June 2012 release date as possible, based largely on what the WWDC 2012 logo may reveal as well as what some sources are reporting.WWDC, however, came and went without a mention of the iPhone 5. Despite that, we did hear a lot about iOS 6, the likely operating system for the iPhone 5. It’s now looking like a September debut is most likely.


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