Brother of S Korea president faces arrest

The brother of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is facing possible arrest over alleged involvement in bribery cases.
A South Korean court said on Tuesday it is reviewing whether to arrest the former lawmaker. A decision is expected later in the day.
Lee Sang-deuk has been accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from two detained bankers.
Enraged protesters have thrown eggs at Lee and grabbed his tie as he entered the court in Seoul. He was not hit by any of the hurled eggs and did not speak to a swarm of reporters gathered at the court.
Regulators in May suspended operations of several savings banks, leaving many customers unable to withdraw money.
Protesters said they had lost money after the government suspended the troubled savings banks Lee is accused of taking bribes from.
"Give back my money! Give back my money!" and "Arrest Lee Sang-Deuk!" angry customers shouted as the 76-year-old arrived.
The scandal is the latest in a series of corruption cases involving close aides of the president, whose five-year term ends in February 2013.


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