Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially divorced

It is confirmed that the 14-month marriage between the “Part of Me” singer and British Forgetting Sarah Marshall funnyman has been officially dissolved in the state of California. According to the report, Brand and Perry reached an agreement in the divorce back in February, but as per California law, had to wait six months for the divorce to become official.

Perry is fresh off of releasing her 3D film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, while Brand recently starred in Rock of Ages alongside Tom Cruise. He is set to lend his voice to Dr. Nefario in the second installment of Despicable Me.

The “Wide Awake” singer revealed an intimate side of her in her film where parts of her marriage were visibly unraveling. After news broke of the divorce, Perry admitted that she still believes in love saying, “The answer is always changing for me, you know, because every day is kind of a bit of a surprise. Sometimes it's a great opportunity, sometimes it's a situation I have to deal with. So I don't know. I still believe in love, most definitely. I'm just going to let that take the lead.”


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